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Ranked 5th in ILSVRC 2015, the Olympics of deep learning

VUNO ranked on the 5th place from ILSVRC 2015, the Olympics of Deep Learning technology.

VUNO is selected as a prospective company in ICT fields

VUNO is selected as one of the 300 prospective companies in ICT fields (K-Global...

VUNO selected as 1st membership of K-healthcare start-up

Inauguration ceremony of the 1st K-Healthcare start-up membership was held by MOHW(Ministry of...

VUNO established R&D center

VUNO established R&D center

VUNO participated in Rising Expo 2015

Vuno Participated in Rising Expo 2015 Japan. It was held in Tokyo in 7th Aug.

VUNO won Hanhwa Dream Plus Rising Expo

South Korea's preliminary round of 'Rising Expo 2015' (from Japan), 'Dream Plus Rising Expo...

VUNO won Global Brain Pitching Award-beGlobal 2015

The Asia's biggest start-up conference 'beGlobal Seoul 2015' has ended.120 start-up companies...


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