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VUNO Signs Distributorship Agreement with Taiwan's Largest Comprehensive Medical Solutions Provider, CHC HealthCare Group

  • 02. 02. 2021

VUNO Signs Distributorship Agreement with

Taiwan’s Largest Comprehensive Medical Solutions Provider, CHC HealthCare Group


Spurring its Medical AI Solutions’ Entry into Taiwan Market 

and Targeting Expansion into the Asia Pacific Market

Exclusive Sales to Proceed through Leading Medical Institutions 

under CHC Group and its Distribution Channel

[Virtual Signing Ceremony for the Distributorship Agreement
between VUNO Inc. and CHC Healthcare Group]


VUNO announced that it signed a distributorship agreement for four of its medical AI solutions with Taiwan’s largest comprehensive medical enterprise, CHC Healthcare Group. Through the agreement, VUNO is expected to hit its stride in bringing VUNO Med® Solutions to the Taiwan Market by harnessing the network of CHC Group with a high market share in the country’s healthcare industry.


Founded in 1977, CHC Group is Taiwan’s comprehensive healthcare company with a diverse medical business portfolio in the Asia Pacific region – spanning sales and manufacture of medical equipment encompassing radiologic exams such as X-ray and CT among others, and operation and management of medical institutions including large hospitals and franchise clinics. The Group owns over 20 subsidiaries including CHC Holdings, Taiwan’s largest medical equipment distributor; Swissray Healthcare, a medical imaging equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland; and the CHC Hospital Group.


The agreement includes details on conferring exclusive sales right for four of VUNO’s medical AI solutions to the CHC Group in Taiwan to supply medical AI products to local medical institutions. VUNO is to accelerate its inroad into the Taiwan’s medical market by leveraging the network of CHC Group, whose market share in the field is unrivalled. The two companies are discussing deploying VUNO Med® Solutions across numerous medical institutions owned by the CHC Group and over 50 partner medical institutions.


Peter T.Y. Lee, Vice President of CHC Healthcare Group said that “We are honored to be able to work together with VUNO to bring their world-leading medical AI solutions to the Taiwan market,” and added “we already have high interest in VUNO Med® Solutions from local medical institutions and potential customers on hand.” He further expressed that “I look forward to collaborating with VUNO closely in the coming years, starting with Taiwan and expanding to the rest of Asia Pacific one day.”


Hyun-Jun Kim, CEO of VUNO said that “It feels very special that on account of this agreement, VUNO product’s advanced performance has been acknowledged through the stringent validation process conducted over a long period by CHC Group hospitals,” and further added that “based on the distributorship agreement with Taiwan’s leading healthcare company CHC Group, we will channel our best efforts so that VUNO Med® Solutions break into the whole Asia Pacific region including Taiwan and China.”

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