VUNO Med®-Fundus AI™

VUNO Med-Fundus AI

VUNO Med-Fundus AI provides major findings necessary for the diagnosis of retinal diseases based on fundus images.

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  • AI-based diagnostic supporting solution for the fundus of the eye
  • Korea's first innovative medical device
  • MFDS(K-FDA) approved
  • CE Certified

Workflow Improvement

Workflow Improvement

It helps intuitively check the presence of 12 abnormalities and locate them.

  • Drusen
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hard Exudate
  • Cotton Wool Patch
  • Vascular Abnormality
  • Glaucomatous Disc Change
  • RNFL Defect
  • Membrane
  • Chroioretinal Atrophy
  • Non-glaucomatous Disc Change
  • Macular Hole
  • Myelinated Nerve Fiber

Ready to Support

Ready to Support

The software automatically locates optic discs and macula to mark eight regions of the fundus* and help diagnose the drawn regions.

  • Macular
  • Superior optic disc
  • Inferior optic disc
  • Temporal
  • Superotemporal
  • Inferotemporal
  • Superonasal
  • Inferonasal

Training Dataset

Training Dataset

Based on a total of 103,262 fundus images on which 57 ophthalmologists* executed a triple reading, the diagnostic supporting system detects abnormalities in fundus images.

* 16 retina specialists, 9 glaucoma specialists and 3 corneal specialists

References 1. Son J, et al. Development and Validation of Deep Learning Models for Screening Multiple Abnormal Findings in Retinal Fundus Images.Ophthalmology (2019).

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