Our People

With a common goal of bringing data-driven AI solutions to patients, we are striving to be part of every step of the journey to transform healthcare.

  • Unlocking the infinite possibilities of AI technology in the medical field.

  • Quantifying a massive amount of quality medical data to build a comprehensive database.

  • Developing AI-powered medical solutions to address needs in clinical settings.

  • Accelerating physicians’ clinical workflow to focus on personalized quality patient care.

  • Translating clinical implications into more tangible results.

Our Culture

VUNO Work Rules

Our own work rules lay the foundations to spearhead innovations and move forward into the future. Our work rules are centered around agility and nimbleness that allows changes to be reflected incorporating internal and external feedback.
  • 01

    We solve problems
    We solve problems with ownership, responsibilities and professional expertise to create differentiated value in new areas and innovate the world.
  • 02

    We see things from
    our clients’ perspective.
    We foster a client-centric culture to find better ways to promote a healthier way of life among medical professionals and patients around the world.
  • 03

    We promote a
    culture of respect and trust
    through effective
    communication and collaboration.
    Mutual respect is the core foundation of our work culture that helps us navigate our ways through ambiguity.
  • 04

    Our horizontal
    organizational structure is
    designed to enhance
    employee engagement.
    We cooperate in a team-based structure of communication, with respect for others with different perspectives and backgrounds at all times.
Join us in embarking on a history-making journey
to change the world with medical AI.
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