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VUNO Boasts its AI Solutions and Research Results at RSNA 2020

  • 11. 27. 2020

VUNO Boasts its AI Solutions and Research Results at RSNA 2020

South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) developer VUNO Inc. announced that it will join the Radiological Society of North America 2020 (RSNA 2020), a week-long event scheduled to be open on Nov. 29. Taking this as an opportunity, VUNO will present various research abstracts on deep learning algorithms grafted onto the field of radiology and to display its AI-based solutions with market approval obtained in Korea, Europe and Japan. For more information, please visit


Since its start in Chicago in 1915, RSNA has secured its position as the world's largest annual academic symposium on radiology and exhibition on related medical solutions. This year, all the attendees at the 106th RSNA experience an ease of an all-virtual event with all the presentation and exhibition sessions included. RSNA 2020 is accessible from 8:00 a.m. Nov. 29 until 6:00 p.m. Dec. 5 CST.

This year’s lineup of VUNO Med® solutions includes VUNO Med®–LungCT AI™, VUNO Med®-Chest X-Ray™, VUNO Med®-DeepBrain® and VUNO Med®-BoneAge™.


VUNO also plans to give seven oral and poster presentations at this event with topics on lung nodule detection, diagnosis of pulmonary diseases, assessment of spine fracture risk, auto-measurement of solid portion in lung cancer, analysis of cognitive impairment and the performance validation of CT-based deep learning models for covid-19 pneumonia, for instance.


Hyun-Jun Kim, CEO of VUNO, said, “It is our fifth participation in RSNA this year. It is a great pleasure to share VUNO’s achievements in the latest research activities and VUNO Med® solutions’ effectiveness and usability with industry experts and medical & healthcare professionals. This will help us accelerate overseas business expansion.”


VUNO Med® solutions can be offered via cloud, on-premise servers and as part of PACS and EMR systems or any other medical systems and equipment in various medical environments. As of now, over two hundred medical institutions in South Korea are taking full advantage of VUNO Med® solutions in their day-to-day workflow.


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