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VUNO Is Selected to Build and Demonstrate AI-based Medical Solution in Military with Its Consortium

  • 09. 03. 2020

VUNO Is Selected to Build and Demonstrate AI-based Medical Solution in Military with Its Consortium


VUNO Inc., South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) developer, announced that a consortium including VUNO was selected to be part of a project, which is led by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) under the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), to technologically demonstrate an AI-run system for medical image-based analysis and diagnosis. VUNO plans to develop AI-based medical solutions that can meet the needs of the military environment and prove the accuracy and efficiency in medical image analysis done by military hospitals and medical corps, in partnership with Wonju Severance Christian Hospital and Gachon University Gil Hospital.


The gist of the project is: to invent an AI-based solution using an algorithm that can analyze medical image data provided by the Ministry of National Defense (MND) on frequently occurring diseases among troops including pulmonary conditions (pneumonia, tuberculosis and pneumothorax), spinal diseases, and extremity fractures; and thus, to help military radiologists make a more accurate and efficient diagnosis than otherwise. Once empirical testing is done by MND- and NIPA-designated military hospitals and medical corps to confirm the development process, it is highly expected that the solution will be put to clinical use across military medical organizations to help enhance efficiency.


VUNO formed a consortium based on its exceptional AI technological capabilities and a high level of understanding of the military medical environment. For example, it gained valuable experience working with the military when VUNO Med®-DeepASR™ and other AI-based medical solutions were adopted by the Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital under the MND. VUNO collaborates with Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, one of the largest-scale general hospitals in the central part of the nation, and Gachon University Gil Hospital equipped with a technologically advanced medical system. The credit for the tripartite group's winning of the project goes to a wide range of the consortium partners’ social, economic and technological influence as well as their strong drive and determination.


"I am pleased to be given such a great opportunity to make sure that our AI-based medical solutions, widely used at hospitals and medical centers at home and abroad with a proven level of clinical effectiveness, broadens its horizons at the forefront of the military medical environment,” said Hyun-Jun Kim, CEO of VUNO. "As one of the leaders in the field of AI-based medical software, we boast off a deep level of understanding of what the military medical environment is like. By devising an AI-based solution optimized for the needs of the military, VUNO will readily and willingly help enhance not only the wellness of South Korean troops who serve the nation but also the military's overall health and medical system,” he added.

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