RSNA 2016

An Automatic Classification Platform for Differentiation of Regional Diseased Patterns of Diffuse Infiltrative Diseases on High Resolution CT Using Lung Segmentation, Support Vector Machine and Convolutional Neural Net Classifications


The purpose of this demonstration is to showcase an Aview ILD texture platform for automatic differentiation of sub­regional diseased patterns of diffuse infiltrative diseases and quantitative analysis on HRCT. The educational demonstration of Aview ILD texture platform will use computer­based hands­on demonstration at RSNA. We will set up a cloud platform of Aview ILD texture platform with use of multiple computers, one for the thin client server and the other for thin­ client and mobile interface. Demonstration will cover the entire workflow ranging from image acquisition protocol, automated post­processing, interactive reviewing, automated measurements, advanced analysis and structured reporting, and will select patient cases from our clinical study approved by institutional review board of Asan Medical Center, which have been anonymized in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
RSNA 2015

Accuracy Enhancement with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Classifying Regional Texture Patterns of Diffuse Lung Disease in HRCT


To introduce deep learning-based feature extraction method which adaptively learns the most significant features for the given task using deep structure to classify six kinds of regional patterns in diffuse lung disease.


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